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CowPots produces and distributes biodegradable, nutrient rich, plant pots from the manure produced by the founder’s family dairy farm.


CHONEX has created an FDA approved process using black soldier fly larvae to turn chicken manure into organic fertilizer and a high protein poultry and aquaculture feed.

Phinite - Logo.png

Phinite has built a revolutionary dewatering system using constructed wetlands, turning manure into high value organic fertilizer and bioenergy fuel.


Digested Organics has created several advanced filtration solutions to help businesses reduce wastewater disposal costs, reclaim clean water for reuse, and produce valuable fertilizer.


SoMax Bioenergy uses hydrothermal carbonization as part of their Elemental Recycling Platform to produce hydro-char and nutrient rich liquid fertilizer from manure and other waste materials.

N2 - Logo.jpg

N2 Applied has developed a technology that allows farmers to add nitrogen from the air to manure and converts the ammonia in the manure into ammonium nitrate, creating a valuable fertilizer. 

Biomass Controls PBC has developed a transportable Biogenic Refinery, and a software platform, kelv˚n™, to control and remotely monitor pyrolysis to reduce volume, produce thermal energy and recover nutrients as pathogen free biochar from manure.


BioFiltro offers a worm powered solution for wastewater treatment. With its BIDA® System, BioFiltro enables customers to remove suspended solids, nitrogen, and phosphorus from their liquid waste stream within a four-hour process and generate water and worm castings ready for agricultural reuse.

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