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Manure Techology Today

There has already been considerable work done in researching and developing technology for the circular farm economy space. We've highlighted some of the pioneering work of our partners below.
We're looking for commercializeable technologies that can make operations like those highlighted below the norm instead of the outlier.

Product Spotlight:

Magic Dirt

Magic Dirt™ is a peat moss replacement made form dairy manure. It's now sold in Walmart stores across 43 states, providing a secondary income stream, after energy, from methane digesters.

Learn more here


Farm Spotlight: Blue Spruce Farm

Blue Spruce Farm in VT uses Cow Power - they use a methane biodigestor to produce energy, and they use the plant fiber byproducts as bedding to keep their cows comfy and the high-quality liquid fertilizer byproduct on their fields.

Learn more here:

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