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Animals Make

A Load of Crap.

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We're Challenging Innovators to Deal With It.


The Manure Challenge

A single dairy cow can produce over a hundred pounds of manure a day, storage and usage of the sheer quantity of dung is both difficult and inefficient.

Often Manure is simply stored in open air "lagoons" and spread directly onto fields as fertilizer.

Manure produces greenhouse gases when it is left to sit untreated.

Manure can runoff of lagoons and farmland into waterways, polluting and producing toxic algae blooms.

A solution--or a set of solutions--have to be and can be 

economical, scalable, and sustainable. A solution can create jobs, put money in the pockets of farmers, keep waterways clean, and produce a better outcome for every stake holder.


The Manure Challenge is bringing together ventures that each offer part of a solution. A team of experts will help commercialize their products, mentor their founders, and promote them to investors

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